The only normal people are the ones
you don't know very well.

- Alfred Adler

Community Workshops

Youth Empowerment Workshop (Ages 15 to 24 years)

This two day workshop brings youth together to explore issues that affect a young person’s well being. Topics covered are:

Interpersonal Communication
  • Benefits of successful communication
  • Characteristics of good communication
  • Barriers to communication
  • Open/closed questions
  • Non verbal communication

Peer Pressure
  • What is peer pressure?
  • Who is affected by peer pressure?
  • How does peer pressure impact youth?
  • Warning signs
  • Resources – who can help?

  • What is bullying?
  • Who is impacted by bullying?
  • Why does bullying happen?
  • How are youth impacted by bullying?
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Warning signs
  • Community Resources

Self Care
  • What is self-care?
  • Self awareness
  • Personal choices
  • Balance
  • Work, play and rest
  • Diet and exercise
  • The importance of Culture

Workshop segments consist of group activities, individual work, and facilitated slide shows. Individual learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile) are considered in the way material is presented. The group sets the pace of the workshop based on their areas of interest and level of understanding of the material presented.

The concept of individual choice is considered and encouraged. Inherent tendencies are explored as are learned behaviours and thinking processes, which with insight and self-understanding can be maintained if they have a positive effect on life, or altered if they have a negative impact.

Class Size: 12 youth (max)
Length: 2 days
Cost: $2,160 CAD

Karin Schafflik

Karin Schafflik, owner of Kiya Counselling and Consulting Services, has a background in clinical counselling...

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