The only normal people are the ones
you don't know very well.

- Alfred Adler

Community Workshops

Improving Your Self Esteem

Whether at work, home, with friends or family, self esteem is an important part of our everyday lives. This 2-day workshop will give participants a greater understanding of the how self esteem develops, what they can do to help enhance their self esteem and what can cause damage. Key topics that are covered include:

  • Defining Self Esteem
  • How does Self Esteem develop?
  • Characteristics of high Self Esteem
  • Barriers to high Self Esteem
  • Characteristics of low Self Esteem
  • Ways to improve your Self Esteem
  • The importance of having healthy Self Esteem

The workshop segments include group activities and individual work. Active participation is strongly encouraged! Slide shows are utilized by the facilitator to ensure that visual, auditory and tactile learners are considered in the way material is presented. The group sets the pace of the workshop based on their areas of interest and level of understanding of the material presented.

Length: 2 days
Max. Class Size: 12
Cost: $1,720 CAD

Karin Schafflik

Karin Schafflik, owner of Kiya Counselling and Consulting Services, has a background in clinical counselling...

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