The only normal people are the ones
you don't know very well.

- Alfred Adler

Community Workshops

Grief and Loss Workshop

This Grief and Loss Workshop is 3 days long. Areas that are explored include:

  • What is grief?
  • Stages of grief
  • Coping with death
  • Sudden death
  • Common reactions to grief and loss
  • Helping others who are grieving
  • Doís and Doníts of grieving
  • The healing state
  • Beginning the healing journey
  • Resources

Workshop segments are interactive and consist of group activities, individual work, and facilitated slide shows. Individual learning styles (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) are considered in the way material is presented. The group sets the pace of the workshop based on their areas of interest and level of understanding of the material presented (i.e. spending more time on some topics and less on others).

Length: 3 days
Max. Class Size: 12
Cost: $2,160 CAD

Karin Schafflik

Karin Schafflik, owner of Kiya Counselling and Consulting Services, has a background in clinical counselling...

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