The only normal people are the ones
you don't know very well.

- Alfred Adler

Community Workshops

Conflict Resolution and Assertiveness Skills Workshop

This 3-day workshop begins with Conflict Resolution Skills Training and segues to Assertiveness Skills Training.

Participants explore aspects to Conflict Resolution, such as:

  • Why conflict occurs
  • Stages of conflict
  • Conflict management styles
  • Personal safety
  • Conflict reducing strategies

In the latter part of the workshop, participants learn about various aspects of aggressive, assertive, and submissive behaviour, including

  • Key identifying features of aggressive, assertive, and submissive behaviour
  • Reasons why people engage in each type of behaviour
  • The benefits of making a conscious effort to work toward engaging in assertive behaviour
  • Communication skills such as using “I statements” and awareness of body language
  • The impact triggers have on aggressive, assertive and submissive behaviour

Group work and individual exercises provide participants with opportunities to observe and practice conflict resolution skills, and assists them in moving toward engaging in assertive behaviour in their personal and work lives. Individual learning styles (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) are considered in the way material is presented and the group sets the pace of the workshop based on their areas of interest and level of understanding of the material presented.

Length: 3 days
Max. Class Size: 12
Cost: $2,160 CAD

Karin Schafflik

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